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Welcome. I am Hideya Tamura, a management/business consultant and a licensed auditor
for ISO 9001.
I had worked for an electric manufacturer for 16 years as an electric engineer where I was
responsible for designing, manufacturing, selling, and buying electrical equipment. I have over
37-years’ experience in management/business consulting, especially but not limited in manufacturing areas. I possess the license of Small-and-Medium-Sized Management Consultant.
Professional career
・Mediator at Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Management/Business Consultant at

Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Sakai City Industrial Promotion Center
Nara Prefecture Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprise Support Center

・Consultant / Lecturer / Instructor at

Osaka Prefectural Institute For Advanced Industry Development
Sakai City
Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship
Nippon Manpower Co., Ltd.

・Auditor of NIITAKA Co., Ltd.

Small-and-Medium-Sized Management Consultant(#104419)authorized by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry
ISO 9001 Provisional Auditor (Competence) (A01414) authorized by the Japan Accreditation Board for Quality System Registration

Japan Industrial Management Association (JIMA)
・Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Japan Small-and-Medium-Sized Management Consultants Association
・Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors (JRCA)
・Nara Prefecture Small-and-Medium-Sized Support Center